When you cook chicken a ‘million’ and one ways, one has to devise  other ways to enjoy the feathery one. Had a few oranges that were heading down south. You see, although the calendar says autumn, the temperatures still feel like summer in Florida. As a result, my precious perishables carry shorter shelf lives. I had no intention of tossing out what I consider ‘big bucks’.

I was elated that to my culinary mind wasn’t in a ‘foggy’ mood. I  was able to come up with a plan. Decided to cook a roasted citrus chicken with a few  thighs and drumsticks. The previous night, chicken pieces were marinated with crushed garlic, minced onions, thyme, black pepper and salt to taste.

About three to four hours before cooking, chicken was soaked in a combination of orange, lemon, and lime juice. These were removed and dried on paper towels; then, drizzled with olive oil. Chicken pieces were topped with orange and lemon slices and then roasted in 360 degree oven for 50 minutes (turning once).

They were then brushed with a simmered citrus sauce which included a sprinkle of sugar and along with salt and drizzle of soy sauce. Roasted citrus chicken was served with black beans, jasmine rice (not in pic) and a corn/sweet potato salad. My stomach and I were quite happy and satisfied.


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I'm originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica. In Jamaica, we always find a reason to celebrate. And, when there's a celebration, there is music, fun and of course, food, great food. Presently, I reside in So. Florida.Living here in Florida offers varied cultures, people of different ethnic backgrounds. I've a great passion for the culinary side of life. Therefore, being in So. Fl., provides me the great accessibility of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, I've the choice to indulge in a amazing foods from different cuisines.This ability provides great inspiration for me to retreat to my humble kitchenette and replicate these dishes.It warms my heart to be able to break bread with loved ones. I'm an avid reader and love to get lost between these beautiful words. I find reading to be a social activity because it allows me a peek inside other people's minds which in turn makes me more empathetic towards others. One day in the near future, I hope to publish my very own words in the area of poetry as well as my other love, food. Yoga and speed walking are just a few of the things that keep me balanced and centered. I love family and friends; and, of course, wholesome foods with a glass of cocktail. Life is what you make of it. And, I try to savor and enjoy the simple and precious moments.

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