One of fall’s favorite harvest treats is pears. And, I fetched a couple from the Bosc variety. I allowed same to ripen on top of my counter. As soon as they started to release all the warm and wonderful aromas of fall, I decided to place them in refrigerator for chilling. Also, this move is great for stopping the ripening process.

I couldn’t help myself; so I peeled one and devoured its sweetness with a few pieces of cheddar cheese. Although it was mature, it held its natural formation. As a result, I decided to simmer its counterpart in a cup of left-over Merlot wine.

With just a cup of the rich Merlot and a drizzle  of honey, I allowed pear to simmer under low heat. In approximately 20 minutes, it absorbed all the burgundy, sour/sweet flavors. The sauce reduced and developed a thick and sweet finish. I used some to drizzle around fruit.

After cooling,  pear was placed in refrigerator for chilling. I’ll consume as is or pair same with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. I can’t wait. Salud!

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