It’s not all the time that my palate and I are on the same plate. However, today, there was no debate. After days of consuming the feathery ones (turkey and chicken), my palate and I came to a rapid consensus.

We decided to go fishing. Thanks to the king of the hour, (whole snapper). As per usual, I made a few scores across the surface. Scoring same allowed the salt and black pepper and other spices to penetrate within.

In a hot skillet, a combination of canola and coconut oil was added along with a clove of garlic. The garlic provided additional flavor to fish. And, this was fished out and tossed. After drying fish with paper towel, it was lightly sprinkled with whole wheat flour and then pan-fried on medium heat and set aside.


Julienned bell peppers, onions, along with finely chopped scotch bonnet peppers, grape tomatoes, pimento (all spices) were slowly sauteed under low heat. Then, vinegar, honey, thyme, scallion with a splash of water were added. I made sure to season along with salt, and pepper.

Pan-fried snapper was then added back to skillet under low heat for approximately three minutes on each side. Fish soaked up all the aromatic spices and flavors. My palate and I were in ‘Surf Land’.




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