HAPPY NEW YEAR!! #2016!!

Once again, another year is  rapidly coming to a close. It makes you wonder where time has elapsed. But, ready or not, 2016 is almost here. With that being said, we (well, most of us) will be doing reflections on 2015. We will also be actively making resolutions for the new year.

We are humans, and we can’t help but to have a ‘mixed-bag’ to sort through. There will be sad memories of those loved ones who have passed. We will certainly ponder over unfinished business and goals. There will also be triumphs.

In spite of the aforesaid, I choose to be an optimist. I do consider myself a proud member of the ‘Optimist Club’. This gal chooses to view the glass half full in the different areas of her life. She chooses to dwell on the positives and learn from the negatives.

And, one of the areas that I’m proud of is my Food Blog “Justmeandmypot.com” which I started in the summer of 2014. I’m extremely thankful for all my family members, friends and followers on WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and others who have taken a snippet of their precious time to view, read and comment on my blog posts.

Thank you for listening and reading about me babbling about one of my favorite passions, food. You made the preparation and cooking of a mundane dish exciting. I received euphoric feelings in my humble kitchen because I knew that you would be part of my dishes by peeking in my pot.

I enjoyed following hundreds of fellow bloggers in the area of food, travel, lifestyles, photography and other areas. I never got weary of the amazing photos of food, locales and other interests. I’ve certainly learned a lot.

2015 also had me embarking on another passion of mine, physical fitness. I love to eat. Therefore, I try my utmost best to move as well. We could always do with a little motivation; I know I do. Thus, in April 2015, I started a ‘Buddy System’ called ‘Move/s of the day’ which is linked to with my Facebook page.

I wish to thank you for your support and encouragement in this area. As someone famous once said “it takes a village”. We all need that little ‘shove’ to get up off the sofa and burst that sweat.

Despite the challenges, fears and deficiencies, I choose to be excited and positive about 2016. I’ve chosen to tackle and embark on new horizons that will serve others and empower myself.

I’ve also opted to continue with the positives of the old year (2015) and greatly improve on them. In doing same, I hope to inspire others and subsequently improve on a better version of me. I’m ready for 2016. Come join me and let’s embrace the new year with gusto.

By the way, there’s unlimited membership in the  ‘Optimist Club'(well, my club).





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