I’m still wallowing in one of fall’s favorite foods (cranberries). These tart and healthy berries are said to be loaded with enormous vitamins and antioxidants like tannin. Tannins aid in the prevention of urinary tract infections. Studies have also revealed that they lower blood pressure and improve the immune system in general.

When these cranberries are copious on the market between October to December, I take advantage by purchasing extra and store in the freezer for future use. Moreover, the prices are relatively inexpensive during this period.  Last fall was no different. As a result, I’m now reaping the goodness of these delightful berries.

Decided to make a refreshing and healthy cocktail. I made sure to rinse thoroughly and placed them in stock pot with chopped ginger root  and cold tap water.  Under low to medium heat, berries simmered for approximately fifteen minutes until tender.  After cooling, contents were placed in standing blender and liquified.

With a sprinkle of sugar, my potent cranberry cocktail was ready for consumption. Salud!!20160127_202002


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