If you like a combination of savory and sweet bite, then you’re in luck. Once again, one of our popular fast food restaurants is testing a new breakfast menu item. It involves the intermingling of a fried chicken patty and pancakes instead of buns. These pancakes are flavored with maple syrup. It’s like a ‘chicken and waffle’ type of a meal.

Chicken McGriddle  sandwich is in approximately 8 to 11 stores in Ohio; and, is  priced between $1.49 to $2.00 until late March. If this item takes with its customers, Chicken McGriddle will be available in other stores.

Will you be trying this latest menu item? Do let me know. Being a food enthusiast,  if and when it arrives in my neck of the woods, I will take a ‘stab’ at it.  When it comes to food, nothing beats a trial. I do believe in a fine balance.


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