The flirty days of spring are once again in our midst. Gone are the cold and dreary days of winter (well, except for some territories). Spring is the time when we store the bulky clothes and adore ourselves with  light and easy clothes.

And, when we go light on our garments, we can’t help but to simultaneously do so with our diets. The marketplaces remind that it’s spring as well. Some of the signature produces for the season are: green peas/beans, okra, and of course asparagus.

One of the great advantages of buying seasonal is that the prices are relatively competitive. Thus, I got somewhat of a ‘steal’ with one of my favorites (asparagus).  It is said that these spears help the body to produce hormones like testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone which in turn circulate to the bloodstream.

I made a quick blanche with some of my spears. To blanche is to cook quickly in liquid (water, oil, broth, etc) and then cease the cooking process in an icy bath. In addition, blanching brings out the natural hues in produces.

After drying my long and slender asparagus, I dried on a dish clothe and placed same in  garlic-flavored olive oil. As you can observe, they retained their brilliant green that says ‘spring’.  Moreover, they were crispy and delicious.



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