I don’t have to go far to retrieve my daily dose of cinnamon. It’s a huge part of early morning (breakfast) meal. You see, I consume the whole-grain and filling oatmeal at least four times per week. I like a sprinkle of brown sugar or a squeeze of honey to sweeten same. Sometimes, I might even add a half of a banana and  choice of  berries.

Although I liked my tasty and satisfying oatmeal, I just didn’t like the aftermath of my consumption a few minutes later. I became bit lethargic because my glucose level would spike a tad high. And, although I’m not a diabetic, I knew something was not right.

I do believe that food should energize me; not make me feel weak and out of it. I wanted answers. So, after doing a little research, I discovered that one of my popular spices (cinnamon) in my cupboard was my saving grace. I call it my ‘sugar balancer’.

Thereafter, I became my guinea-pig and decided to spike my oatmeal during and after cooking same. A generous sprinkle of this brown exotic spice allows my body to accommodate the sweetness in food products.

Once in a while, when I indulge in a store-bought muffin or any baked product, I turned to my pantry for the fine balance that I need. With a sprinkle on my food, I know that I’ll continue to savor the sweet goodness without sending me out of control.

N.B. – Cinnamon has been around for centuries. It is from the evergreen tropical tree (genus cinnamomum) The leaves and bark are used in oils and cinnamon spices. this warm and aromatic spice is excellent in both savory and sweet dishes.




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I'm originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica. In Jamaica, we always find a reason to celebrate. And, when there's a celebration, there is music, fun and of course, food, great food. Presently, I reside in So. Florida.Living here in Florida offers varied cultures, people of different ethnic backgrounds. I've a great passion for the culinary side of life. Therefore, being in So. Fl., provides me the great accessibility of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, I've the choice to indulge in a amazing foods from different cuisines.This ability provides great inspiration for me to retreat to my humble kitchenette and replicate these dishes.It warms my heart to be able to break bread with loved ones. I'm an avid reader and love to get lost between these beautiful words. I find reading to be a social activity because it allows me a peek inside other people's minds which in turn makes me more empathetic towards others. One day in the near future, I hope to publish my very own words in the area of poetry as well as my other love, food. Yoga and speed walking are just a few of the things that keep me balanced and centered. I love family and friends; and, of course, wholesome foods with a glass of cocktail. Life is what you make of it. And, I try to savor and enjoy the simple and precious moments.

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