Call me a creature of habits; but, when it comes to the culinary-side of things, if it feels good, tastes good, I’m ‘rocking’ it. And, that’s my relationship with soup. Any given Saturday, I like to prepare and cook a hearty pot of soup. This generally lasts me throughout the upcoming week. It’s satisfying, easy to prepare and nutritious.

Today is no different. Moreover, the morning began with an unseasonably cool May morning for South Florida standard. That gave me more encouragement to hop inside my kitchen and prep for this delicious concoction.

My soup of choice was chicken and vegetable soup. I used the backbones and the feet of the chicken as my protein. These are excellent for great flavors and loaded with nutrients. I made use of Florida’s sweet and crispy corn on the cob. Soup also consisted of assorted root veggies like carrots, celery, chocho, onions and pumpkins.

With a myriad of aromatic spices and ingredients like pimento (all spices), garlic, scallion, fresh thyme, salt, black pepper, scotch bonnet pepper, and Grace chicken noodle packet mix, soup simmered to a succulent finish.

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I'm originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica. In Jamaica, we always find a reason to celebrate. And, when there's a celebration, there is music, fun and of course, food, great food. Presently, I reside in So. Florida.Living here in Florida offers varied cultures, people of different ethnic backgrounds. I've a great passion for the culinary side of life. Therefore, being in So. Fl., provides me the great accessibility of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, I've the choice to indulge in a amazing foods from different cuisines.This ability provides great inspiration for me to retreat to my humble kitchenette and replicate these dishes.It warms my heart to be able to break bread with loved ones. I'm an avid reader and love to get lost between these beautiful words. I find reading to be a social activity because it allows me a peek inside other people's minds which in turn makes me more empathetic towards others. One day in the near future, I hope to publish my very own words in the area of poetry as well as my other love, food. Yoga and speed walking are just a few of the things that keep me balanced and centered. I love family and friends; and, of course, wholesome foods with a glass of cocktail. Life is what you make of it. And, I try to savor and enjoy the simple and precious moments.

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