When it comes to tomatoes and other foods, my palate is quite ‘fluid’ with the many dishes that can be had. And, now that the temperatures are already sizzling on the outskirts, there is a strong presence of tomatoes in the market places.

Call them what you may, fruits or vegetables, I don’t care. The fact is that these cancer-fighting foods are sweet and juicy to the taste-buds. Moreover, the prices are relatively inexpensive. I can’t help but to feel elated when I see these beneficial and attractive foods (especially when they are hanging from the vines).

I adore them in any form. Love them in a fresh garden salad. With a pop in the mouth I can devour and enjoy the tart and sweet taste as it hits my taste-buds. Give me a delicious and smooth tomato soup with crusty bread, and my stomach will leap with joy.

I even adore tomatoes in a jar mixed with other veggies. I do think it’s called same ‘salsa’. I got a little creative and made a filling and tasty omelet. Of course, my filling of choice was the gushing flow of salsa. Placed same on a bed of left-over spinach and topped with nature’s butter (avocado) and fresh tomatoes.


Without a doubt, when it comes to tomatoes,20160602_083155 I don’t discriminate. I’ll have them almost anyway.



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