To say that was happy is an understatement; I was over the moon with my dish. And I confess, so was ‘Billy’ (well, my aromatic dish of curried goat). Knew my goat meat could handle the true spirits of Jamaica. So what did I do? I marinated same with a few splashes of Jamaican white rum.

Normally, I would add the rum while the meat is being braised; however, I decided to flavor Billy overnight. And boy, it turned out to be a great idea. Some of the other exotic spices and ingredients added were:

  • curry powder
  • cumin
  • crushed ginger, pimento, garlic
  • cracked black pepper and salt to taste

Did a quick saute of the  pieces of goat meat in order to lock in the amazing flavors. Then, roughly chopped onions, celery, scotch bonnet pepper, fresh thyme were added. Cold tap water was then poured over all ingredients.

Under low to medium heat, with lid on, goat meat simmered in a rum-flavored curry sauce to a fork tender finish. In between braising process,  liquid (water) was added along with seasoning. Served curried goat with steamed Jasmine rice and garlic broccoli.

Billy didn’t disappoint. He turned out to be fork tender and succulent. The flavors and spices were bold but not overpowering. They were such a delectable reminiscence  of Jamaica.  My palate and I were transported to a beautiful place. A place that we’ll  certainly revisit.



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