Nothing goes to waste in my kitchen. Didn’t have to cook  an iota from scratch. A few days ago, made some spicy turkey balls in a sweet and sour sauce. Though firm on the exterior, they carried a ‘melt in the mouth’ experience to the taste buds.

As always, when I cook pasta, I make an extra portion. Thus, I had those succulent balls with leftover angel hair pasta which still carried just the right bite to same. Lo and behold, discovered some purple sautéed cabbage from a few days ago.  Decided to toss it in the mix. They provided contrasting hue to my juicy and sweet tomatoes and other foods.

Couldn’t help myself. You see, I could consume nature’s butter (avocado), day-in, day out. Glimpsed a lonely piece all by itself.  I wasn’t  going leave that creamy delight in a solitary state; so, I peppered same up (maybe, a bit too much) and made it a part of my dish.

All was well with my palate and I. Like before, my balls served me in a satisfying way.


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