When the snow birds come calling, I take it as a cue to comfort my palate. With falling temperatures, it’s important that I find the right dish to warm this stomach of mine. Could have gone a myriad of ways; however, I chose to pay a visit to a familiar dish of mine.

Can’t go wrong with a pot of turkey chili. Oh, it’s so simple to whip up. Moreover, it’s chock full of amazing flavors that excite my anticipating taste buds. In fact, I often tend to forget that it’s healthy because of the deliciousness within each bite.

That’s what I call a dish with a fine mouth-watering balance.


This is a well-trodden culinary path for yours truly. And oh, what beautiful and delicious path it is. As a result, I was overjoyed to return and savor all the aromatic and mouth-watering flavors. All it took was a few  chops of  drumsticks and thighs (skin off/bone-in) and the infusion of one of my favorite spices, curry powder.

In addition to curry powder, other pantry and fresh ingredients were included:

  • cumin
  • salt and black pepper
  • turmeric
  • paprika
  • soy sauce(splash)
  • vinegar(splash)
  • coconut oil
  • fresh thyme
  • scotch bonnet pepper
  • scallion
  • onion
  • celery

Marinated chicken overnight. Curried chicken drumsticks and thighs were braised and simmered under low to medium heat to a fork tender finish. I was ecstatic with the finished dish.



Kicked up my lunch to a satisfying and nutritious notch. Went with one of autumn’s popular vegetables, leeks. These sweet and subtle flavors were excellent to pair with barley.


Did it my way by adding other fresh/pantry ingredients like:

  • onions
  • carrot
  • celery
  • veggie bouillon cube
  • salt/black pepper
  • dried oregano
  • fresh thyme
  • veggie broth

After sauteing fresh veggies including leeks in a drizzle of olive oil, rinsed barley was added along with dried seasoning. Veggie broth and cold tap water were added along with a sprig of thyme.

Barley/leek soup simmered under low to medium heat until barley was tender. Then, this was pureed to a thick consistency. Barley/leek soup was topped with pan-seared shrimp with a garnish parsley.


When you’re tired and quite spent, there’s no need to sweat for a long period over a hot range.  Supper can be had in just a few precious minutes. Did just that and reaped a nutritious and delicious dish.

Without a doubt, leftovers never tasted that good. Added a few leftover bite-size citrus chicken legs/thighs to an assorted bed of stir-fry vegetables. With the squeeze of Chinese duck sauce and a sprinkle of dried oregano and other seasonings, stir-fry became quite a succulent treat.

Combined same with  al dente linguine pasta and a perfect match was made in my pot. I’m still salivating with my match.


I wasn’t going let Hurricane Matthew or any force of nature cramp my culinary plan. With the fear of the electricity going out, I had to dice and mix with a rapid beat. I had the perfect dish in mind, salmon fritters.

Thanks to my stash of hurricane canned goods, I was able to whip up an omega delight. After all, I needed to get my heart-healthy dose during such stressful times. Made a crispy and delicious serving of salmon fritters with a side of garlic spinach.

I was over the moon for my dish. And, what do you know? I was able to dodge the blows of Hurricane Matthew. He decided to make a north-eastern shift. Oh, I was super-happy!




Sunday’s supper will be oh so good. Looking forward to lovingly rip this beautiful slab (pork ribs) apart. I’ll  devour each morsel of slightly sweet, tart and mouth-watering flesh which was cooked to perfection. A fork-tender goodness comes to mind.

It has been some time since I’ve been down this culinary route. And, by golly, from a taste-test of this specimen, already my taste buds are leaping with joy. When it comes to food as this, I can’t help myself; it’s all fingers in. They will be sticky and that’s alright. Each bone will be handled just right. I’ll gnaw and suck each one until I’m satisfied.

Sunday’s supper is looking up alright.