So, once again the Christmas season has sprung upon us. And, you can’t help but to wonder, “What the frankincense has happened!” Who knows? Maybe, a few among us may have just boxed up last year’s decorations. Shame on you!!As a matter of fact, this good pal of mine recently revealed that she just stowed away her tree.

But, we can all concur that time has flown considerably and is still rapidly going.Things seem to occur in a nano-second. I liken it to today’s dating/relationships. One moment you’re swiping Tom or Sally’s face, and suddenly you find yourself  a picket fence with a couple of bambinos and fido.

Okay, perhaps I’m  a little over the top; but, I’m telling you, sh..t happens. And, I’ve decided to take control of this festive season. I’m not going to allow it to work by default. I shall arm myself with my balls and other Christmas decors.

I’ll not toss my turkey and chicken bones. I will bring those ‘hard boys’ to a simmer with assorted root veggies, spices and herbs. Now, why should I purchase store-bought when I can concoct home-made?

And, you may wonder what backbones have to do with Christmas balls. Well, I reckon this is the perfect time (NOW!) to seize the opportunity. Well, in my head, I figured that while my backbones are being transformed to a delicious broth, I would retrieve those balls. Those sturdy, colorful, and shiny balls. I paid big ‘bucks’ at the Dollar store. After all these years, they still have ‘legs’.

I will string them up, pair them with other decorations, and allow those balls to beam with delight. And, what’s Christmas without those traditional and contemporary carols? I can never grow weary of, “Twelve Days of Christmas, The First Noel, Jingle Bells, etc.”

The fact is, Christmas is ‘a coming’. I really don’t know about geese, but I know I’m not going sit back and watch it go by. It’s time to shop for and make  those holiday beverages, secure those Christmas tokens, gather with loved ones. It’s time to get in the mood. After all, ready or not, it’s Christmas time.

Happy Holidays!



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