Guys, let’s face it.When it comes to the month of December, to me, it’s considered the ‘cheating month’ (well, in respect of the culinary side of things). My solution is quite simple. I think we should just surrender and enjoy. After all, this great season comes once per year.

First of all, the cool and crispy weather puts us in that relaxed and super happy mood. And when that occurs, those palates of ours have to be catered to in huge and comforting ways. Bring on the hot chocolates and cocoas. And, if you go there, may as well cut you a generous slice of pie or fruit cake spiked with your favorite spirits.

As you continuously ogle  those shiny Christmas balls and decorations on your Christmas trees, you gain that ‘fuzzy’ feeling within. Moreover, if the weather outside is frightful as they would say and it continues to snow, you can’t help but to desire warmth from a comfy throw and seek out some of those crispy holiday cookies.

You can’t escape; a  trip to the mall,  will certainly place you in a very festive frame of mind. Everyone seems to be smiling and in a joyful mood. After all, the yuletide carols are bellowing from store to store. You find yourself humming or singing the sweet refrains of ‘Deck the Halls’, ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, ‘Joy to the World’, and the list goes on and on.

What’re you going do? Surrender I say. Indulge on that  wee bit salty, smoky and slightly sweet flavors of a roasted ham. A ham that’s baked with studded cloves, basted with a little brown sugar and maybe garnished with sweet/tart pineapple slices and cherries.

Grab that extra piece of beef roast, turkey or chicken leg. You know you can’t resist that succulent serving of chicken wings. It’s staring at you with those exotic jerk spices with your name on it.

I say, don’t beat up on yourself. Just go for it. It’s once per year. However, while enjoying, try to secure that balance. While go shopping for those gifts, take along filling snacks like unsalted nuts, fruit bars along with some H2O. After all, those check out  lines are going be very long.

You have a perfect reason to lace up those walking shoes. Explore your neighborhood and behold your neighbors’ elaborate decorations. The whole experience will make you feel quite festive and simultaneously allow you to burn a few unwanted calories. Let’s face it, you know after all that exploration, you’re going work up an appetite for more of those tempting goodies.

Guys, it’s the season for good cheer.I’m going to surrender.  I’m going to spread some joy to loved ones. And of course, I’ll indulge my dear taste buds in whatever they desire. And, you should do as well. Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! and a very Merry Christmas  everyone!









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