Where has time gone? Since I’ve been on a hiatus, summer made it’s way within my midst. June 21 is officially the first day of summer which is said to the longest day of the year. And boy! It’s scorching!

In my neck of the woods, the sunshine state, Florida, the sun is shining at its brightest and the humidity makes it feel like triple digits. But, I’m not complaining, pretty soon the summer thunderstorms may arrive and plummet those temperatures a few digits.

With these long and warm days ahead, no one wishes to sweat over a hot range. I say it’s time to dust off those grills and grill from A to Z. So whether it’s an indoor/outdoor grill or barbeque pit, it’s time to chop those fruits and vegetables and secure those awesome and attractive grill marks. The rustic and mouthwatering tastes will entice all your loved ones to the tables.

And, when it comes to grilling or barbequing  protein like fish, meat or chicken, one rule of thumb that could be incorporated in marinating same is to add a drizzle of acid in the form of vinegar, lime or alcohol. This will aid in the shelf life of the cooked protein dish. After all, no one wishes to visit the emergency room with a food related illness.

Remember as the sizzling temperatures rise on the outskirts, so is the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. If you haven’t done so as yet, now is the perfect time to lower those digits in order to prevent and reduce food spoilage. Keep freezer zero degrees and refrigerator at forty degrees.

When it comes to hydration, water is always your friend. Freeze water bottles over night and you’ll have cool water to tote along during the day. Of course, take advantage of all the summer fruits around by making smoothies and popsicles. Berries (blue/black) are excellent for freezing as healthy snacks.

So, as you flip-flop around this summer, remember it doesn’t have to cost a thing to be in close proximity to water. Grab your cooler with home-made goodies and hit the public beach, lake, river, pool or just go splash by that fire hydrant(well, they do open same in some neighborhoods during the hot months).

Or, if you’re not a water person, summer is the perfect time to catch on the shows and movies you didn’t  watch. Turn the thermostat down and binge-watch on Netflix or On-Demand while you indulge in your favorite foods.

Summer is here! Keep cool and have loads of fun. Happy Summer!!









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