Choices! Choices! So many choices. We all have been there….shopping for a loaf of bread. Thought it would’ve been a quick errand. Figured I could dip into my morning work-out session and replenish a loaf of bread. Like a ‘grab/run’ and to the cash register. Oh, no! On a recent trip to the  grocery store for that one item, it turned out to be quite a marathon.

All I wanted was a hearty wholegrain loaf. But instead, I was surrounded by a million loaves ogling me. After viewing a few, my focus became compromised and what do you know? I started sweating. Clearly, my work-out had begun.

Knew precisely what I needed; but, couldn’t locate as the store’s personnel had re-shuffled my wholegrain. I hate when that happens. Decided to hop out of the Pepperidge Farm box and tried something else. Oh, so many grains and seeds with nutritious description from A to Z.

While viewing a 7 grain loaf, my peripheral vision brought up Ezekiel’s loaves. Seemed like an answer from above….a god-send of sort. This particular loaf had low sodium/sprouted wholegrain and another had sesame sprouted grains. But then adjacent to same was Arnold wholegrain 100%. Without a doubt, competition was in the house! Well, on the bread aisle.

Out of no where, I spotted ‘Eureka!’ which was on sale. And, it was organic too. But then, the work continued and low and behold Eureka had a quite a few choices. There was one with 13 grains and seeds and another with even 17. All I could think of was ‘FIBER!’

Made up my mind and settled for the 17 grains/seeds. Why not? Figured, the more seeds and grains, the better. That loaf was a great choice as it was hearty and quite filling. After all that I had been through, it had to be. So guys, when next you go shopping for bread, make sure you’ve a little extra time for the bread aisle.



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