I was on a mission to firm up my derriere. So, after performing some much-needed ‘donkey’ kicks, I hopped over to my humble kitchenette. Blood-red grapefruits were on my mind. When I last went shopping I stocked up on these juicy and sweet delights.

Oh, such a great choice! You see, here in So. Florida, these are quite plentiful this time of year. Thus, I took advantage and garnered half a dozen at about $3.50. Of course, I knew I could’ve bought  them cheaper elsewhere. But, time was of essence then.

I wasn’t disappointed. With a quick rinse, I sliced my fruit open. I reached for my manual squeezer and extracted the refreshing juice and it came gushing out with pulp and all. I love the pulp. Surprisely, for such a big fruit it only consisted of less than six pits. That was fine for me. I tossed them out and fetched my margarita glass and poured.

I drank my way to great vitamin C and other nutrients. My palate was extremely satisfied. Oh, by the way, my derriere is quite elated (much firmer).