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Choices! Choices! So many choices. We all have been there….shopping for a loaf of bread. Thought it would’ve been a quick errand. Figured I could dip into my morning work-out session and replenish a loaf of bread. Like a ‘grab/run’ and to the cash register. Oh, no! On a recent trip to the  grocery store for that one item, it turned out to be quite a marathon.

All I wanted was a hearty wholegrain loaf. But instead, I was surrounded by a million loaves ogling me. After viewing a few, my focus became compromised and what do you know? I started sweating. Clearly, my work-out had begun.

Knew precisely what I needed; but, couldn’t locate as the store’s personnel had re-shuffled my wholegrain. I hate when that happens. Decided to hop out of the Pepperidge Farm box and tried something else. Oh, so many grains and seeds with nutritious description from A to Z.

While viewing a 7 grain loaf, my peripheral vision brought up Ezekiel’s loaves. Seemed like an answer from above….a god-send of sort. This particular loaf had low sodium/sprouted wholegrain and another had sesame sprouted grains. But then adjacent to same was Arnold wholegrain 100%. Without a doubt, competition was in the house! Well, on the bread aisle.

Out of no where, I spotted ‘Eureka!’ which was on sale. And, it was organic too. But then, the work continued and low and behold Eureka had a quite a few choices. There was one with 13 grains and seeds and another with even 17. All I could think of was ‘FIBER!’

Made up my mind and settled for the 17 grains/seeds. Why not? Figured, the more seeds and grains, the better. That loaf was a great choice as it was hearty and quite filling. After all that I had been through, it had to be. So guys, when next you go shopping for bread, make sure you’ve a little extra time for the bread aisle.




Where has time gone? Since I’ve been on a hiatus, summer made it’s way within my midst. June 21 is officially the first day of summer which is said to the longest day of the year. And boy! It’s scorching!

In my neck of the woods, the sunshine state, Florida, the sun is shining at its brightest and the humidity makes it feel like triple digits. But, I’m not complaining, pretty soon the summer thunderstorms may arrive and plummet those temperatures a few digits.

With these long and warm days ahead, no one wishes to sweat over a hot range. I say it’s time to dust off those grills and grill from A to Z. So whether it’s an indoor/outdoor grill or barbeque pit, it’s time to chop those fruits and vegetables and secure those awesome and attractive grill marks. The rustic and mouthwatering tastes will entice all your loved ones to the tables.

And, when it comes to grilling or barbequing  protein like fish, meat or chicken, one rule of thumb that could be incorporated in marinating same is to add a drizzle of acid in the form of vinegar, lime or alcohol. This will aid in the shelf life of the cooked protein dish. After all, no one wishes to visit the emergency room with a food related illness.

Remember as the sizzling temperatures rise on the outskirts, so is the temperature in the refrigerator and freezer. If you haven’t done so as yet, now is the perfect time to lower those digits in order to prevent and reduce food spoilage. Keep freezer zero degrees and refrigerator at forty degrees.

When it comes to hydration, water is always your friend. Freeze water bottles over night and you’ll have cool water to tote along during the day. Of course, take advantage of all the summer fruits around by making smoothies and popsicles. Berries (blue/black) are excellent for freezing as healthy snacks.

So, as you flip-flop around this summer, remember it doesn’t have to cost a thing to be in close proximity to water. Grab your cooler with home-made goodies and hit the public beach, lake, river, pool or just go splash by that fire hydrant(well, they do open same in some neighborhoods during the hot months).

Or, if you’re not a water person, summer is the perfect time to catch on the shows and movies you didn’t  watch. Turn the thermostat down and binge-watch on Netflix or On-Demand while you indulge in your favorite foods.

Summer is here! Keep cool and have loads of fun. Happy Summer!!










The Lenten season is rapidly coming to a close. This date on the calendar changes each year. For 2017, it started on March 1 which is considered Ash Wednesday. And, it ends on Saturday, April 15.

This period in the Christian faith is to reflect on the journey of Christ when he fasted forty days and nights. Also, it’s commemorate the forty years of isolation in the wilderness of the Israelites. During this time, millions of Christians over the years use this time to work on self-control in different areas of their lives.

One of the main areas that they tend to address is in the area of food indulgence. Some use the time to fast. Many will abstain from alcohol as well as meat and other food items. For instance, some households will abstain from consuming meat on Good Friday and prefer to include seafood.

Come Easter Sunday, the celebrations begin. After church worship and celebration of the risen Lord, the festivities continues in the form of food consumption. The Easter ham or meat of choice and eggs become the stars of the meal.

Happy Easter to all.



Just in time for the first day of spring. And, it has sprung in a sweet and refreshing way. Dairy Queen is offering a #free cone to its customers. It’s called “Free Cone Day” in its 3rd year.

Dairy Queen has over 6,700 locations worldwide. However, only the stores in the United States excluding the mall locations will be doling out this sweet delight in the vanilla flavor as long as supplies last.

This gesture is to kick-off the 1st day of spring and to raise funds for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Last year was a great success in they were able to raise over $200,000 healthcare needs for children.

So guys, while you lick and indulge in that sweet and delicious treat, remember to donate to this worthwhile cause. Do take time to enjoy that crisp and refreshing spring day.

And by the way, they say it’s the #International Day of Happiness(2017). But, that’s another story. I’m happy! It’s #1st day of spring! And, it’s #Free  Cone Day!




The popular pizza chain, Domino’s has expanded its brand by creating a niche in the wedding line. No longer will wedding guests be limited to household and fine China as gifts to newly weds. When you think about it, how many pots and pans does a couple need. Thanks to a wedding registry offered by Domino’s, guests can choose the cheesy dough for their blissful couple who enjoys pizza.

Having a Bachelorette or Bachelor party? Domino’s promises to cater to your party guests. I think on wedding night, a couple should also have the pizza retailer on speed dial. You never know when catered food will run out. After all, you have to feed drunk and hungry guests.

When you think about it, it’s a nifty idea especially for young couples and their friends who have limited amount of resources on the onset of their lives.  Why not? Go ahead, choose those toppings. Go for your favorite toppings of pepperoni, onions, sausage, etc.

If the pizza industry can crave out a niche in the wedding area, maybe, the fitness industry should follow suit. After all, statistics have revealed that newly weds generally gain a few ‘lbs’ during those blissful years.

I say take advantage of those cheesy delights in moderation. Redeem those gift certificates and have fun with loved ones. Then, make it a habit to frequently sweat it out and pump those irons. It’s all about a fine balance.




If you are not watching your carbs intake, today is one to celebrate. It’s National Bagel and National Pizza Day! Grab your iPhones and smartphones and retrieve a digital coupon. Make your way to your nearest eatery for a delicious slice of pizza and bagel.

Some of the selected establishments where you can redeem your coupons are:

  • Einstein Bros. Bagels
  • Kum/Go
  • Manhattan Bagel

It’s all about balance. And what better way to have same than to claim a freebie on this day (Feb.9). Honor the day and indulge in a slice of thin or deep crust pizza. Or, slather on some cream cheese on a warm bagel while you sip on your favorite morning brew.

Bon appetit!







The holidays have come and gone. And, we are gifted a brand new year. Many of us have made resolutions. Yes, one of the common plans is to be fit and shed those pesky ‘holiday’ pounds. And, I say ‘bravo!’ to us all.

I don’t know about you; but, I’m in quite a pickle. You see, I’m a food hoarder of sort. I don’t toss food that can be transformed and rejuved into something delicious and satisfying.

Take for instance my ham bone. Every given time I prop open my freezer, it’s there. It perches in that special spot and stare at me in a flirtatious manner.It knows my culinary weak spots, so it takes advantage of same.

For sure, I know that I’ll surrender. When you think about it, the odds are stacked up against me. For instance, the cool days of January don’t help. They make you want to hibernate and devour mouth-watering stews, soups and roasts.

I know what I’ll will do. I’ll make me a ham bone soup. I’ll fetch me some winter veggies and dice, chop and add to some softened red or pigeon peas simmered in some coconut milk. Without a doubt, I’ll add some fibrous wholesome foods, like sweet potatoes/yams.

Of course, I’ll thaw and make that special drop of that tempting ham bone with pieces of ham. Will pair with a few dumplings made with a trio of whole-wheat/all purpose/cornmeal. But, who I’m I kidding? I’ll cheat with a few little pieces of oxtail. Did someone say beef?

My ham bone soup will be flavored with aromatic spices and other ingredients like crushed garlic and pimento(all spice berries), ginger, fresh thyme, and scallion. I’ll toss in a few bouillons.

So guys, I won’t apologize. Though it’s a new year, I choose to be realistic and aim for a fine balance. I won’t deprive myself. Moderation is salient. I’m no fool; I’ll certainly try to incorporate some physical activities along the way. After all, before you know it, the winter thaw will disappear, and spring will be banging at our doors.







Guys, let’s face it.When it comes to the month of December, to me, it’s considered the ‘cheating month’ (well, in respect of the culinary side of things). My solution is quite simple. I think we should just surrender and enjoy. After all, this great season comes once per year.

First of all, the cool and crispy weather puts us in that relaxed and super happy mood. And when that occurs, those palates of ours have to be catered to in huge and comforting ways. Bring on the hot chocolates and cocoas. And, if you go there, may as well cut you a generous slice of pie or fruit cake spiked with your favorite spirits.

As you continuously ogle  those shiny Christmas balls and decorations on your Christmas trees, you gain that ‘fuzzy’ feeling within. Moreover, if the weather outside is frightful as they would say and it continues to snow, you can’t help but to desire warmth from a comfy throw and seek out some of those crispy holiday cookies.

You can’t escape; a  trip to the mall,  will certainly place you in a very festive frame of mind. Everyone seems to be smiling and in a joyful mood. After all, the yuletide carols are bellowing from store to store. You find yourself humming or singing the sweet refrains of ‘Deck the Halls’, ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’, ‘Joy to the World’, and the list goes on and on.

What’re you going do? Surrender I say. Indulge on that  wee bit salty, smoky and slightly sweet flavors of a roasted ham. A ham that’s baked with studded cloves, basted with a little brown sugar and maybe garnished with sweet/tart pineapple slices and cherries.

Grab that extra piece of beef roast, turkey or chicken leg. You know you can’t resist that succulent serving of chicken wings. It’s staring at you with those exotic jerk spices with your name on it.

I say, don’t beat up on yourself. Just go for it. It’s once per year. However, while enjoying, try to secure that balance. While go shopping for those gifts, take along filling snacks like unsalted nuts, fruit bars along with some H2O. After all, those check out  lines are going be very long.

You have a perfect reason to lace up those walking shoes. Explore your neighborhood and behold your neighbors’ elaborate decorations. The whole experience will make you feel quite festive and simultaneously allow you to burn a few unwanted calories. Let’s face it, you know after all that exploration, you’re going work up an appetite for more of those tempting goodies.

Guys, it’s the season for good cheer.I’m going to surrender.  I’m going to spread some joy to loved ones. And of course, I’ll indulge my dear taste buds in whatever they desire. And, you should do as well. Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Hanukkah! and a very Merry Christmas  everyone!










So, once again the Christmas season has sprung upon us. And, you can’t help but to wonder, “What the frankincense has happened!” Who knows? Maybe, a few among us may have just boxed up last year’s decorations. Shame on you!!As a matter of fact, this good pal of mine recently revealed that she just stowed away her tree.

But, we can all concur that time has flown considerably and is still rapidly going.Things seem to occur in a nano-second. I liken it to today’s dating/relationships. One moment you’re swiping Tom or Sally’s face, and suddenly you find yourself  a picket fence with a couple of bambinos and fido.

Okay, perhaps I’m  a little over the top; but, I’m telling you, sh..t happens. And, I’ve decided to take control of this festive season. I’m not going to allow it to work by default. I shall arm myself with my balls and other Christmas decors.

I’ll not toss my turkey and chicken bones. I will bring those ‘hard boys’ to a simmer with assorted root veggies, spices and herbs. Now, why should I purchase store-bought when I can concoct home-made?

And, you may wonder what backbones have to do with Christmas balls. Well, I reckon this is the perfect time (NOW!) to seize the opportunity. Well, in my head, I figured that while my backbones are being transformed to a delicious broth, I would retrieve those balls. Those sturdy, colorful, and shiny balls. I paid big ‘bucks’ at the Dollar store. After all these years, they still have ‘legs’.

I will string them up, pair them with other decorations, and allow those balls to beam with delight. And, what’s Christmas without those traditional and contemporary carols? I can never grow weary of, “Twelve Days of Christmas, The First Noel, Jingle Bells, etc.”

The fact is, Christmas is ‘a coming’. I really don’t know about geese, but I know I’m not going sit back and watch it go by. It’s time to shop for and make  those holiday beverages, secure those Christmas tokens, gather with loved ones. It’s time to get in the mood. After all, ready or not, it’s Christmas time.

Happy Holidays!