Though I like my feathery oneĀ  in different styles, maybe, a curried dish is my favorite. Have indulged in same a ‘mil and one’ times. Turned to my drumsticks and thighs as I often do. These parts are loaded with great flavors and can handle a little extra cooking compared to the white meat.

With a few chops to my skinless and bone-in drumsticks and thighs, my dark portions were ready to be immersed in:

  • curry powder
  • cumin
  • crushed all spices (pimento)
  • crushed garlic
  • Salt/black pepper to taste
  • pinch of jerk sauce
  • pinch of sugar for balance
  • splash of vinegar

Marinated and massaged drumsticks and thighs in these array of spices and ingredients. Then, brought them to room temperature and added them to a sturdy skillet with a drizzle of canola oil.

After sauteing chicken forĀ  a few minutes:

  • onions
  • celery
  • ginger
  • fresh thyme
  • minced stock bonnet peppers

Water was added to cover chicken. This was allowed to simmer for under low to medium heat until chicken was fork tender and the right consistency in gravy was arrived at. With a few sprigs of scallion on top, my curried drumsticks and thighs were done.