Had a few extra calories I had to drop. Once again, I was a bit naughty the previous night. So, I took a trot around the block. You would think it was the beginning of summer. But, it was just a taste of things to come. After all, its South Florida with its humidity nudging its way while we’re still in winter.

Yours truly didn’t mind, I was dressed to handle all sticky and above normal temperatures. With mission accomplished, I returned to base (well, home) and decided to replenish which I had lost with some good calories.

I grabbed my handy blender and tossed in half of an over-ripened banana, three strawberries, the juice of an orange and a few splashes of cold water. In a few Florida minutes my banana and strawberry smoothie was ready to drink. With the cool temperature of my smoothie I was able to guzzle down much-needed nutrients like potassium, fibers, vitamins, and more.

Guys, I’m happy!