When the summer temperatures are sizzling on the outskirts, light, quick and easy is the way to go. And, that was what occurred earlier on. Had yours truly a much-needed omega fatty acid seafood (salmon) paired with sautéed assorted summer vegetables.

Made a lemon butter sauce to go with skinless salmon. I also added some sliced tomatoes alongside fish which expelled  their juices and mingled with the fresh lemon-butter sauce. Garnished  salmon with finely chopped parsley.

Sautéed vegetables comprised  of zucchini, onions, mini-sweet peppers and broccoli. Made a quick concoction of balsamic vinegar and honey and drizzled on crispy veggies. Also, doubled-back on some left-over whole-grain pasta and made it part of the dish.

Topped veggie and pasta dish with seared salmon. All dishes combined into a happy medium. I was over the moon and satiated.


There we go again, once again, the so-called studies have shown that our smooth and delicious, butter can help in the area of weight management. Okay, there’s a catch; the butter will have to be consumed with our good ole morning beverage, coffee along with coconut oil.

I don’t know, I’m a ‘sucker’ to try almost anything new in the name of food science, and maybe, I’ll check out the combination. Who knows? But, for heaven’s sake, I hope I don’t like it. You see, I prefer to have my butter on my hot carbs like crackers, pasta and bread. I like to see my butter slowly melt on a toasty English muffin. I like the way it gradually integrates into all the little crevices. Just penning about it makes my mouth salivates. And, as for my coconut oil, I’ll continue to cook with it.

Guys, it’s all about balance. I’m glad I didn’t abandon my dear butter. I shall continue enjoying it as I used to. So much with their new found fat loss.

As always, be good to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.