I love seafood. I like a fresh catch as well as the store-bought version in the can. This morning, I consumed a tasty and delicious serving of canned sardines in olive oil. Based on nutrition facts, sardines are loaded with beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein and other nutrients that good for the body.

Call me a tad ‘nutty’; but, sometimes I like to warm my canned sardines. And, that’s what I did this morning. In a hot skillet, a drizzle of olive oil was added. Sliced onions were softened and then sardines were added under low heat. A sprinkle of black pepper was also added. And, because seafood craves acid, I drizzled a little vinegar and a squeeze of fresh lemon.

I paired my warmed sardines with a serving of tomatoes and nature’s butter (avocado). I couldn’t resist; I love a little sweet taste accompanying my savory sardines. Thus, I had a few pieces of rye toast covered with a spread of strawberry jam. I was in heaven!