I felt like a maestro conducting her orchestra. I don’t claim to be an expert; however, for me, earlier, it was a repeat performance with my curried chicken thighs. You see, my palate requested the left-overs I had in my freezer. And that was music to my ears.

Like most of us, I’ve a super-busy life; therefore, whenever I cook I often try to cook a little extra for days when I don’t feel like cooking from scratch. My thighs were bone-in and skinless. Cooking bone-in chicken provided dish with more flavors. After all, I love to nimble on the bones.

My left-over chicken thighs didn’t disappoint. Just as I surmised, they were even more mouth-watering and had more depth of flavors. I served same with steamed Jasmine rice along with a serving of tomato and avocado salad and fried plantains.

My palate and I were satisfied.


Sunday’s supper was quite a treat. Actually, I must have consumed this popular Jamaican dish hundreds of time since childhood. Now, that’s a lot of chicken going on! Anyway, when I laid eyes on my skinless and bone-in chicken thighs, I knew exactly how I was going to prep and cook same.

The previous night, I chopped my thighs in bite-size pieces. Then, I marinated them with a drizzle of coconut oil, salt, black pepper, cumin, curry powder, crushed ginger, garlic and pimento. Fast forward to cooking time, I made sure to bring chicken to room temperature.

In a sturdy skillet, a small drizzle of olive oil was added on medium heat. Chicken was placed within and a quick sautay was done in order to coat chicken pieces and seal in flavors. To that I added chopped onions, celery, a couple of sprigs of thyme along with a splash of house vinegar.

Cold water was used to cover chicken and the lid was placed on skillet. Chicken simmered for approximately 30 to 35 minutes under low to medium heat making sure to turn over pieces. In addition, extra liquid was added as needed. Chicken was cooked until fork tender. The aromas were very intoxicating and filled my space. And, the flavors of the spices and herbs were bold and beckoned me in.

After gravy was reduced to the right consistency, I allowed chicken to rest for a few minutes; then, this was served with a garlic steamed asparagus


and left-rice whole-grain rice. Me and my palate were taken on a trip to a familiar place in culinary history. We were extremely happy.