I hate to be hungry for a long period. Who does? If you know me well, you can attest that I’m a nibbler. I’m like a traveling pantry. I’m not leaving home without some form of filling bites to munch on. This move enables me from indulging in the wrong type of foods.

Sometimes, I do feel like a squirrel. They are always seeking out and nibbling on bits. Come to think of it, eh, they often try to be in my proximity. They and those birds are quite smart. They see me reach for those nuts and I’m happy to share a few with them.

But anyway guys, I stave off those hungry pangs by packing in small zip lock bags:

  • dried fruits and nuts (unsalted)
  • ripe banana or any fruit
  • apple along with a dollop of peanut butter
  • water

These types of healthy and filling foods aid me to keep my blood sugar in check because they keep me satiated for hours until to get to a substantial meal.  Moreover, they save me a few dollars because I try to prep them in advance. I do this  by purchasing bigger quantities like nuts and pack same in baggies.

I never leave home without ‘good old’ water. A few sips, provides me with the hydration I need throughout the day while I’m away from home. The potassium-rich banana is also very filling. I can never give up my fiber-rich apple bites. Sometimes, I pair same with a dollop of peanut butter.

No one should go hungry. A few of these food moves keep me in check and make me a happy camper.




Guys, before you hit the malls and other shopping venues, make sure you have a satisfying protein meal like eggs, or fish. Guys, it’s the Christmas season, you know the lines are going to be long. A parking spot is another challenge to overcome. And, if and when the hungry pangs come calling your patience also goes out the door, quicker than the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt.

Those yuletide songs will drive you crazy if your stomach is also doing its own thing. Be prepared! Take along a few healthy snacks that will provide energy and endurance for you and your loved ones. Energy bars are great. Grab a ziplock baggie and pack a few nuts, dried fruits, apples, etc. They make a world of difference. You’ll be  ‘jingling belling’ all the way with smiles on your face.