The Lenten season is rapidly coming to a close. This date on the calendar changes each year. For 2017, it started on March 1 which is considered Ash Wednesday. And, it ends on Saturday, April 15.

This period in the Christian faith is to reflect on the journey of Christ when he fasted forty days and nights. Also, it’s commemorate the forty years of isolation in the wilderness of the Israelites. During this time, millions of Christians over the years use this time to work on self-control in different areas of their lives.

One of the main areas that they tend to address is in the area of food indulgence. Some use the time to fast. Many will abstain from alcohol as well as meat and other food items. For instance, some households will abstain from consuming meat on Good Friday and prefer to include seafood.

Come Easter Sunday, the celebrations begin. After church worship and celebration of the risen Lord, the festivities continues in the form of food consumption. The Easter ham or meat of choice and eggs become the stars of the meal.

Happy Easter to all.




It’s the Easter/Passover week-end. Without a doubt, we’ll all be going a bit overboard when it comes to our culinary intakes. Many of us will be indulging with a few extra slices of roast, fried fish,potato pancakes, pies and cakes and more. I know that I’ll be doing same. But, I have a perfect plan to help ease the guilty feelings within.

Head for your refrigerator and grab some greens and a few other items.That’s what I did. In my standing blender (one of my perfect partners in the kitchen), I toss in a handful of kale. To that, I added four strawberries, fresh chopped ginger, a half of a ripe banana,the juice of an orange, and a half pint of water. With a few pulses, my smoothie was pureed to a perfect finish.

Kale and strawberry smoothie was just the way I like it. There was no added sugar because the banana,orange juice, and strawberries provided all the natural sweetener that my taste buds required. I was super happy knowing that all these ingredients gave me great vitamins, minerals antioxidants, fibers and a host of other nutrients. Moreover, it was smooth, tasty and refreshing.