It seems like the entire globe is elongated with this Arctic blast. It has been sometime since I switched my old thermostat on ‘off’ and allowed Mother Nature to do its thing. You see, in my neck of the woods, South Florida, USA, this morn is in the fifties. Okay, to some of you dear folks elsewhere where you’re freezing your derrieres off, you might find this quite hilarious; but to me, it’s winter in my midst.

Guys, when this type of weather is in my midst, my palate develops a mind of its own. It craves a tad  more calories and comforting foods. I knew it for sometime, but, I do think we (my palate and I) are two different ‘entities’ so to speak. We often try to work in unity. However, once in a while there’s a ‘cold war’ going on. It’s the new year and the Good Lord knows I’m trying to healthy with my choices, but, my palate has other ideas.

So, on this day, this morn, we had issues on what to devour when the digits on the outskirts were plummeting. Thank God, we came to a compromise. We arrived at a beautiful balance. Got some grape tomatoes on sale the other day.  I did a quick pan roast on top of the stove with a drizzle of olive oil and garnish of parsley.

Grape tomatoes
Grape tomatoes

I never knew I had to make such an early visit. I was led by my palate (you know, I’m trying to compromise). I found myself at the rear of my freezer. There I retrieved a few small pieces of left-over ham which I did a quick defrost and warmed in the skillet. I toasted an English muffin, the one with the cranberries embedded within. With a combination of a  little strawberry spread and butter my toast was complete.

On a morn as this, my breakfast just couldn’t  be complete without a couple of eggs. So grabbed me a skillet and fried them in a little olive oil and garnished with a sprig of parsley on hand. Now, all I needed was a cup of hot cocoa.

Roasted tomatoes/warmed left-over ham, fried eggs, toasted English muffins and hot cocoa
Roasted tomatoes/warmed left-over ham, fried eggs, toasted English muffins and hot cocoa

Once again, my palate and I are in complete unison. We’re satisfied on this Arctic day. Guys, where ever you are, if it’s frigid, do keep warm. And, as always, be kind to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.






So, I went and did what the powers to be want me to do. Guys, although temperatures and humidity were over the moon, I actually completed my workout. Wow, my poor skin was melting. You know something, I do think I love to break a sweat. My endorphins were kicking and so was my appetite. And, guess what? I felt like having something simple and quite filling. Okay, I just didn’t feel like making a healthy smoothie. God knows I’ve had my quota for the week. As I peeked at my frozen blue and strawberries, I could tell they too needed a break.

As I made my way down to the light blue carton in the refrigerator, I got an epiphany. And that’s how I decided to make yours truly a couple fried eggs. Without a doubt, eggs have gotten a bad rap. In the past, many so called experts claim that they contribute to high cholesterol. And, I get it,because of DNA, some of us do have to be cognizant by what we include in the diet. The fact is that eggs are loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals, lutein, and many other nutrients that are excellent for the body. 

Anyway, as I retrieved my couple of eggs, I gleefully placed them on my counter to come to room temperature. I also nabbed a piece of cheddar cheese and the last English muffin I had on hand. After a quick shower session, I made my way to my kitchen. I allowed my skillet to warm with a drizzle olive oil and a pat of butter on low to medium heat.  I then cracked my eggs and watched them set. I then sprinkle a pinch of salt and a little cracked black pepper. Oh, I love cracked black pepper. After I flipped each egg, I placed a small slice of cheddar cheese on each egg.

Ohhh, and then the hour arrived, on toasted English muffin, I slathered on a teaspoon of strawberry preserve. I’m afraid sometimes,  I’m a little way out, I love savory and sweet all mingled  up. I then placed my fried egg on each piece of toasted muffin and watched the cheese slowly melted on my fried eggs. Hmm,each bite was divine, I was in heaven!



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