Guys, maybe its the dip in the temperatures; I don’t know. You see, South Florida, the sunshine state is  experiencing unseasonably winter-like temperatures (well, Florida-style). That means we’ve to grab hold of our boots, ear muffs, turtle necks, gloves…..the works. I’m telling you guys, my HEATER IS ON!!

For me, when the digits plummet, my palate sometimes becomes a little ‘out of whack’. It craves unusual eats. So, what do I do? I figured I should go with the flow. It didn’t feel like the typical dinner or supper menu dishes. You would think that, okay, it’s cold, maybe a big bowl of soup would do the trick. But no, it felt like having breakfast for dinner.

And so, I did! I crushed an over-ripened banana, shredded a McIntosh apple along with a pinch of fresh ginger. With a combination of all-purpose and whole-wheat flour, sugar, melted butter and spices, I had the perfect batter for apple/banana/ginger pancakes. I topped this with fresh raspberries I had on hand. Of course, I could not resist, a couple of pieces of crispy apple wood bacon had to be on the side.

Now guys, IT’S THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!! And in honor of the Christ child who would later turn water into wine, I decided to sip on a little red wine. But, what I did was to warm my wine, YES I DID! After all, it’s breakfast for dinner. On the side, I placed my cinnamon stick for dips, a great way to add extra flavor. HO! HO!!



Lately, I’ve observed an upswing in raspberries. Generally, these red and juicy fruits are popular in the summer months. However, thanks to the an increase in production that includes overseas, these delicious and tasty berries will be available year round. Reports in the media state that maximum production has been up 475% this year.

Now, if you enjoy these fiber rich fruits, that’s music to the ears. Raspberries are also a rich source of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to the body. They are low in calories and make them excellent foods for keeping a slim waistline.

As a result, a couple of days ago, I stock up on a bountiful batch of the bright-red berries. I couldn’t resist the freshness. And of course, because abundance is high, the price was quite competitive compared a few months ago. I’ll be stocking up and freezing for later.

A little tip bit:-  To prevent the growth of mold on berries, including raspberries, rinse only at consumption. And, try to consume within a few days as the shelf life associated to them is very short.

I’m happy……Ho, Ho, Ho!!


Now a days, it seems like we are losing control with the sugar content in our foods. However, not to worry, we can regain some form of control by utilizing good old-fashioned oatmeal. Compared to regular cereals, it’s still fairly inexpensive. A great way to obtain your money’s worth is to buy in bulk form.

Thus, on a fall morn as this,although it still feels like summer in my vicinity, I decided to warm my stomach with a great bowl of old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast. Moreover, I had a few over-ripened bananas on hand, so I crushed and tossed merely a half in. So great to have potassium in this dish. With a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, a small drizzle of vanilla, my dwelling was enveloped with aromatic smells. So, I sweetened with a pinch of dark sugar and a little honey, all I needed to do was to top my dish with a few raspberries and a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Oh, I was so glad to regain a little control and of course, satiation. Needless to say, my heart was happy.