It has been sometime since I’ve utilized my George Foreman grill. It has been just sitting in the corner practically gathering dust. Decided to put it to work  (well, after I cleaned it with a wet cloth), and made yours truly a nutritious meal. I went the omega fatty acids route.

Prepped salmon and sweet potatoes ready for grill/oven
Prepped salmon and sweet potatoes ready for grill/oven

I prepared my salmon (skin on) with a drizzle of olive oil, a seasoning of a pinch of salt and pepper and crushed garlic and set it aside. I did a quick three-minute pre-cook of the wedges of sweet potatoes in the microwave. Then, they were roasted in the oven at approximately 30 minutes at a temperature of 385 degrees until they were golden.

I made a blend of soy sauce, finely chopped root ginger, a squeeze of honey and dash of red wine vinegar. I warmed in the microwave for a minute. Then I removed garlic from salmon pieces in order to prevent burning. I made sure to spray Mr. Foreman. Salmon was grilled for approximately six minutes and then brushed with the sauce. A few capers were also added in sauce for acid and presentation.

I served my grilled Asian salmon with roasted sweet potato wedges and steamed  asparagus flavored with garlic olive oil.  With a squeeze of lemon juice I puckered up to an amazing and delicious dish.