One of my dietary plans for this year is to include more fresh and wholesome fruits and vegetables in my meals. So, true to my plans, I decided to  roast a few florets of broccoli. Roasting brings out the nutty and natural sugar in veggies.

With the drizzle of a little olive oil (any good oil will do), salt/pepper to taste and a piece of crushed garlic, I placed florets on a baking sheet. Florets took approximately 12 to 15 minutes in an oven at 385 degrees turning once.

I served on roasted broccoli on toasted rye sandwich with a very sparse spread of light mayonnaise. With a few small pieces of left over baked ham (still have that),Havarti cheese, a fried egg and tomato slices, my sandwich was complete. As you can see, the roasted broccoli was the main player in my sandwich. The florets still maintained their natural green hue and stood out. And of course, the flavors were superb.

I was happy!! As always, be kind to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.


I like to take advantage of the beautiful Fall weather here in Florida when I can. Therefore, a few days ago when the forecast called for a cool and dry week-end, I was elated. You see, it doesn’t take much for me to be happy. Moreover, living here in So. Florida, U.S.A, you take the cool weather as you can as majority of the year is quite warm and humid.

As a result, I planned on having my breakfast/brunch on the back patio of my dwelling; a picnic of sort. This is where I can seize a little serenity and get in touch with nature. I love to behold the beautiful and carefree ducks and ducklings paddle along the man-made waterway. Early in the morn, it’s quite lovely and heart-warming to hear only the sweet sounds of the water and the music from the trees.

So, I was quite disappointed because¬† the last couple of days, So. Florida has been flirting with the eighties in temperatures. Moreover, the humidity has been in the high percentage. Even for Florida, these weather conditions are a bit unseasonable. Anyway, I didn’t dwell too much on it. I had to find a way to enjoy the morn.

Lo and behold I came up with a plan. You see, sometimes, one has to improvise. Instead of a picnic on my back patio, I decided to bring it within. I grabbed me a comfy throw and spread it across my living room rug. I placed my thermostat on a comfortable cool 70 degree.

Then, I proceeded to make yours truly an omelet along with bite size pieces of left-over ham. Yes, the one I did with rum/brandy glaze. I served my omelet with rye toast along with fresh cranberry spread. I had some fresh/sweet strawberries I fetched from the store the other day. I added a few raspberries and orange wedges. Still had a little hot chocolate, so I decided to rock it as well.

Guys, I perched on the carpet and listened to some inspirational messages from the ‘tube’; after all, it’s Sunday. Just as the preacher/speaker said, I’ve nothing to worry about because the Good Lord takes care of us all. Now, all I needed to do was to make note in my journal and grabbed me a little shut-eye in the aftermath.


Guys, it’s Boxing Day (the day after Christmas). Today, in my neck of the woods, the sun has chosen to remain out of sight for most of the day. It has been raining ‘cats and dogs’ and is quite gloomy. And, like the sun, it took me sometime to really lift my head from the pillows.

I dragged my dear self on the outskirts to nab me some endorphins. Oh, it helped for a bit. But, deep down I knew that I needed some more shut-eye. Gosh, I needed to gather my focus that was still missing. Thank God I went with the flow and paid a visit to ‘La La land’. I woke up and felt like my old self.

I know; I know, I overdid a bit. After all, it was Christmas. But, it was worth it. I believe I had me a couple of glasses of white wine. Then, I decided to graduate to an Irish Cream mixed with ‘good old’ Jamaican White Rum (oh, it brought back sweet memories). It was smooth and tasty as it made its way down. After chatting for a bit and doing a jig, one can forget the consequences of mixing drinks.

Anyway guys, I hopped in my kitchen and decided to clean up what was right before me. In a tupperware was some left-over ackee and codfish (Jamaica’s national dish). It was one of the items on my brunch from the big day, (Christmas). I finely chopped some left-over ham and added it to my national dish. All I had to do was to steam me a little brown rice with asparagus.

I served my ackee and codfish/ham on a bed of steamed brown rice and asparagus. I then added avocado (I call it nature’s butter), wedges of plummy tomatoes and a few pieces of fried plantain.

Guys, to say that I was happy is quite an understatement. I was on ‘cloud-nine’, pretty much over the moon. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Hurray for left-overs on ‘good-old’ Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.

NB.- Ackee is a tropical fruit that is native to West Africa. It was introduced to Jamaica in earlier years and has become a national dish when its paired with salted codfish. This fruit is savory in taste as its cooked as a vegetable.