I was totally elated to pucker-up my to my supper earlier on. Yes, I did a citrus chicken (dark portions) for supper. With the help of the juice of limes/lemons, my chicken parts were able to absorb the tangy flavors. Basted them with a citrus/honey sauce.

Roasted chicken along with carrots and sweet potatoes. Served up same with steamed garlic-flavored string beans. My taste buds and I were delighted to partake of the slightly sweet and tangy flavors of the poultry. And, the sweet potatoes, and carrots provided a fine balance to the entire meal.




Whenever I can, I try to incorporate wholesome ingredients and foods in my daily dietary plan. And, one way I like to do so is through the juicing of fresh fruits and vegetables. I can never get tired of combining beet root, ginger root and carrots. To give an extra punch I like to add fresh citrus juice in the form of lemons and limes.

For me, there’s no need to add sugar as these root vegetables are loaded with their natural sweetness. Moreover, they are packed with beneficial fibers, beta-carotene, vitamins, minerals and a host of other nutrients that are great for the body.

My digestive system will be super-happy for the entire week. It will be leaping with joy. Salud!