Needed something to quench summer’s thirst. Didn’t have to venture far. Thanks to the refreshing and super-sweet fruits of summer I was able to satisfy and temper the sizzling temperatures.

I was happy to turn to my little stash of surplus fruits in the freezer. Secured them at a relatively inexpensive rate when there was a glut on the market. Those wholesome fruits were just perfect for the picking.

  • pineapple
  • mango
  • blueberries

Needed no added sugar as my fruits were loaded with enough natural one. Also added:

  • lime juice
  • ginger root
  • over-ripened banana

Placed all ingredients in a standing blender with a splash of cold water and blended and pureed my summer fruits to a refreshing finish. This was placed in popsicle holders and set. Felt like a kid in a candy store as I beamed with excitement with my choices.




I’m no psychic or no seer; but, one thing I know for sure is that these sturdy green mangoes will transform into amazingly, juicy and sweet specimens. It has occurred year after year. And when this period comes around, it brings back heartwarming memories within.

When the sweet and warm juices envelop the atmosphere, they entice not only humans, but, also the tweety birds and a few prancing squirrels. They  come and peck and devour as soon as these wholesome fruits mature.

I will be keeping an eagle’s eye out for nature’s bounties. These  are packed with vitamins, minerals, fibers and other nutrients. Moreover, I can’t wait to turn them into mouth-watering and spicy salsa paired with  protein dishes like seafood and poultry.

There is nothing like  refreshing mango-flavored beverages. Now, let me not forget those mango margaritas; maybe, a few frozen.  I will balance out the sweetness of the mangoes and add a hint of chili powder or salt on the rim.

I see spectacular culinary things in the near future.





I love the taste of mango in a refreshing summer cocktail. It’s bold and upfront and center within a drink. And, it doesn’t take a huge amount to flavor a particular drink. A few pieces go a long way. The smooth and sweet characteristics make it perfect for an exotic drink on a sizzling day.

And so, this afternoon, my palate was in for a refreshing surprise of this amazing cocktail. I didn’t need to input any sweetener or sugar as my fruits provided the natural sugars. My blender was more than ready for a  few wedges of watermelon, the juice of an orange, chopped ginger root, water and of course pieces of mango.

With a few pulses of my standing blender I was greeted with a virtuous drink of mango cocktail. As you can observe, the mango overpowered the other juicy and tasty fruits with its golden appearance. And the taste was just as bold. The warm, sweet and ripe aromas were evident in my space. Just as I expected; the drink acquired the thick consistency I was looking for.



One of the beauties of spring is that it brings us the blossoming trees. And one of them is the mango tree. It seems like yesterday I observed this specimen laden with breath-taking blossoms frolicking in the breezes. Now, these blossoms have given way to  firm, green immature fruits hanging from the branches.

Just beholding them takes me back to my roots as a girl running wild and barefoot on the outskirts in my domain, Jamaica. Our family had a couple of mango trees in our back yard. We called them ‘blackie’ and ‘hairy’ mangoes. These mangoes were very sweet and juicy to the taste buds. My dear mom was a great lover of mangoes. She could consume a considerable amount at any sitting. The bruised and the firm ones were devoured equally.

Early in the morning, we would be awakened by the weakened stems of these delicious fruits. You see, a few of the branches hanged over our roof. Subsequently, when they fell they would produce a raucous on the roof. Me and my siblings had a ball. We would scamper to fetch them before the birds had their way with them.

Oddly, I’m not a big lover of mangoes in their natural form unless they are reconstituted with other ingredients. For instance, I love a refreshing fruit drink with an a hint of mango. Or, I love to incorporate mangoes and make a spicy salsa. With the addition of jalapeno, bell peppers,tomatoes, cilantro and of course avocado, I know I’ll be taken over the moon.

So guys, feast your eyes on these beautiful specimens, in a few months, I’ll be having my way with them. Hmmm, without a doubt, I’ll be brought back to my island home. Yeah mon!


Once again, I went calling on my good friend a couple blocks away. I’ve an open visit policy to her home. And, by golly, lately, I’ve been making use of the invite. Gosh, I hope she doesn’t change her mind. You see, mango season is in full bloom. And, although I don’t consume the mangoes the way others do in their natural form, I love to transform and add them to an assortment of dishes.

Years ago when my friend bought her property, she hired a landscaper with a brilliant green thumb. His name is Johnny and he’s responsible for planting the mango tree which yield the yearly crop of sweet and juicy mangoes. She nick-named the tree ‘Old Faithful’.

My friend wasn’t home, but, her gardener who I met on a couple of occasions was present. He was busily pruning the rose bushes. Without hesitation he came to the front of the property. And, as soon as he recognized me uttered, “Good morning. I’ve something for you.” With beads of sweat on his brow, he smiled and handed me a brown baggie. I thanked him and went on my merry way.

I couldn’t wait to pry the bag open. Obviously, my dear friend had instructed him to pick me the mangoes. Before opening the bag, already I could smell the aromatic odors. Just viewing and smelling the specimens placed my brain and palate on overdrive. Immediately, I knew what I had to create.

I like my mangoes when they are chilled. So, when I got home I rinsed and placed them in the refrigerator. I had it all figured out. I decided on a tasty and spicy mango salsa. Thankfully, I didn’t have to venture out to shop for the ingredients that I would add to my mango salsa.


  • Mango (1)
  • Jalapeno pepper (1)
  • Red bell pepper (wedge)
  • Avocado (1/4)
  • Lime (1tsp)
  • Lemon (1tsp)
  • Salt/pepper
  • Green onion (1 stalk)
  • Cilantro

I chopped and placed all the ingredients in a bowl. Then, I added a pinch of salt and pepper. Lemon and lime juice were then drizzled over the chopped ingredients. Before serving, I allowed mango salsa to sit for at least 30 minutes so as to get all the connected in a rather intimate way. Yum, yum!

Ideally, mango salsa can be served with tortilla chips as an appetizer. Or, it can be used as a great side dish to a fish or chicken meal.

Guys, as always, be kind to your loved ones and to your beautiful palates. Do make this recipe your very own. The sky is the limit. Maybe, you could add toasted coconut or even tomatoes.Image



A few days ago, I visited a good friend of mine. When I ventured on the rear of the yard, to my delight I was greeted with a tree laden with these tropical fruits. These mangoes brought back childhood memories that made my heart warm a bit. You see, my dear mom was a great lover of these delights.She could sit and devour several of these sweet, juicy and refreshing fruits.

Of course, being from the tropics mango trees were and are still very popular. As a child, I can remember hopping across my neighbor’s picket fence in order to secure that flavorful and colorful specimen. Oh, I had to watch out for those four-footed friends Imagemany a times.

I’ve a few ideas. These juicy and sweet mangoes will be transformed into a cool and refreshing drink. I’ll incorporate ginger, fresh lemon and orange juice. I’ll definately reserve a portion for a great mango salsa. This salsa will certainly aid in my spicy jerk wings. Yum, yum!