It might sound far-fetched, however, the popular food chains, McDonald’s and Burger King are testing the waters with a black bun. Well, this burger is already on the Japanese menu at the McDonald eateries. It is reported that their bun is made from bamboo charcoal. And they even offer black ketchup and black cheese.

Here in the United States, Burger King has sprung on the ‘band wagon’. As such, the burger chain has added the ‘Black Whopper’ to their menu for the Halloween. It has been described as ‘deliciously dark’ and baked with A1 flavor infused in the bun. Just in case you’re counting the calories, you’ll be devouring 710 of them.

Some are asking the question, “Will it excite or scare the customer?” Frankly, I don’t see the hoopla. If you can have white buns, why not black buns? Diners who have consumed the black burgers in Japan have expressed satisfaction.

I’m not a frequent consumer of fast foods, however, once in a while I like to sink my teeth into a good burger. So what if it’s a black bun? I’ve eaten black rice and pasta before and they all tasted delicious. Moreover, I understand that they are loaded with beneficial fibers and other nutrients.

When it comes to food, I’ll try (well, almost) anything. I’m looking forward to run a taste test on that deliciously sinful black whopper. Are you?


Guys, ‘good ole’ neighborhood Starbucks is trying the utmost best to please all and sundry. Just a few weeks ago it has been announced in the press that a delivery service will be up and running. Yes guys, no longer will you’ve to suit up and join that long queue to retrieve your morning brew. That’s service is coming soon.

You can actually get your java arrived on your front porch or office door. I wonder how many pints you’ve to order so as to obtain free delivery. For one, there must be a minimum. You know, just like your Chinese eatery. I’ve to order at least $10 before they show up for ‘free’.

Well, everyone I know likes their coffee piping hot. What if it gets cool en route¬† to your door. Will a skilled barista arrive and offer to heat for me? Will there be a deduction or a free cup of brew? We’ll have to see.

The latest is, dear Starbucks has developed an ‘app’. This app will allow you to make your selection of java before you arrive at the store.¬† You’ll be able to pay for it online and then retrieve it at the store. Eh…, I wonder if one could choose the origin of the beans. Can you imagine a disgruntled consumer, “I distinctly requested and paid for beans from the hills of the Blue Mountains in Jamaica, or I said Columbia; or, this isn’t Cuban coffee!”

Guys, my take is that you can’t please everyone. Starbucks should try to perfect their brand in-house. And that means reasonable prices. Remember there’s competition from other coffee houses. WiFi is also available at McDonald’s and other places. They are in the business of serving coffee….well, a few other ad hoc items. We do appreciate the savory and sweet food items.Take care of your staff and you’ll derive excellent rewards/service from them. They in turn will provide superb service to customers and the establishment/s will be viable.

Hmm., I’m still thinking about a hot barista with bulging muscles (not too big of a biceps, 6-pack abs, not 8, that’s freaky) showing up at my door, uttering, “I’m here to serve you…coffee!” Maybe, I’ll pay for that. However, the coffee had better be piping hot.

Kudos to Starbucks for thinking outside of the box. I wish them well.


Hey guys, today, (Sept. 29, 2014) is International Coffee Day. Some of the establishments that are participating in this freebie of the good ole coffee beans are:





and many more coffee houses.

Guys, go out there and get your coffee fix NOW!