Wasn’t happy with the seeds in my grapes. Thought I had bought the seedless version. Decided to roast them and oh what deliciousness. Those little seeds became quite crispy and more edible. As the high heat caught them in the oven, they took on a limp-like appearance.

It was such a culinary joy to partake of the sweet and tart juices that exploded in my mouth. Be careful,  though, make sure to indulge when they are warm or come to room temperature. Roasted grapes were paired with  roasted broccoli and a light chicken breast sandwich.

My palate was so excited to devour all the goodness between a crusty roll that was overstuffed with wholesome and mouth-watering foods. With a sip of a little Merlot, I was brought to a satisfying place.




Sometimes, my dear palate has a mind of its own. Went a shopping a day ago. There I beheld golden and juicy pineapples beautifully displayed. What do know? My palate hopped out of the box. After all, it’s winter, Florida-style of course (temperatures in the 50’s and 60’s). It’s such a treat to be able fetch these types of fruits all year round.

Being receptive to my twin (my palate), I decided to grab one. Oh, fantastic choice. As I told you before, I’ve resurrected my dear George (George Foreman grill). So, I retrieved my cut board and cut my oh so amazing pineapple in slices and dried off. And, with a drizzle of a little Pam, I grilled a couple of pineapple slices. Hmmmm, such a wise choice.

Sliced pineapple
Sliced pineapple
Pineapple slices ready for grilling
Pineapple slices ready for grilling

Guys, it was an awesome decision. The pineapple turned out to be super sweet, just about right for dear palate. I served my grilled pineapple slices with sour cream and strawberries along with a garnish of fresh mint. On the side of course, I had to pair with a glass of Merlot. Cheers guys!!

Merlot and grilled pineapple with strawberries/creme
Merlot and grilled pineapple with strawberries/creme


Guys, maybe its the dip in the temperatures; I don’t know. You see, South Florida, the sunshine state is  experiencing unseasonably winter-like temperatures (well, Florida-style). That means we’ve to grab hold of our boots, ear muffs, turtle necks, gloves…..the works. I’m telling you guys, my HEATER IS ON!!

For me, when the digits plummet, my palate sometimes becomes a little ‘out of whack’. It craves unusual eats. So, what do I do? I figured I should go with the flow. It didn’t feel like the typical dinner or supper menu dishes. You would think that, okay, it’s cold, maybe a big bowl of soup would do the trick. But no, it felt like having breakfast for dinner.

And so, I did! I crushed an over-ripened banana, shredded a McIntosh apple along with a pinch of fresh ginger. With a combination of all-purpose and whole-wheat flour, sugar, melted butter and spices, I had the perfect batter for apple/banana/ginger pancakes. I topped this with fresh raspberries I had on hand. Of course, I could not resist, a couple of pieces of crispy apple wood bacon had to be on the side.

Now guys, IT’S THE CHRISTMAS SEASON!! And in honor of the Christ child who would later turn water into wine, I decided to sip on a little red wine. But, what I did was to warm my wine, YES I DID! After all, it’s breakfast for dinner. On the side, I placed my cinnamon stick for dips, a great way to add extra flavor. HO! HO!!