I love soup. This one pot wonder is a god-send on days when I’m extremely tired, but still require my daily nutrition. I often cook and prepare an alternating type each week. One week is lentil, the other could be squash/pumpkin or even chicken soup.  I cook and puree each batch and store in the freezer. My mind is at ease with the knowledge that I can grab, defrost and have on hand when needed.

However, when the summer months arrive and the temperatures are sizzling, these hot soups have to take a hiatus. I don’t wish to sweat over a hot burner. So, during times like these, I’ve to go to my ‘playbook’ so to speak and find dishes that are going give me easy and light.

As a result, gazpacho came to mind. In the culinary world, gazpacho was created for the hot summer months. It’s basically raw/uncooked soups comprising of vegetables or fruits. To me, it’s like a smoothie in a bowl. Therefore, for me, my old faithful standing blender became even a closer pal.

So, on this day, really sizzling day of summer, I have chosenImage to prepare yours truly a cantaloupe gazpacho.


  1. Cantaloupe
  2. Ginger root
  3. Nectarine (for garnishing
  4. Cold water
  5. Lemon

Cantaloupe was washed, peeled, chopped in pieces and placed in blender. Ginger root was also washed, skin removed.and finely chopped and then added to blender. A fresh squeeze of lemon was added and water poured. Ingredients were then blended and then poured in bowl with a garnish of nectarine pieces and mint.

So, as the temperatures sky-rocketed on the outskirts, my cool soup quenched my waiting appetite. Gazpacho saved the day!