That’s it! I’m the queen of left-overs. I was super-delighted to have an encore performance with my balsamic pork steak. And, performed it did. You see, I’m a huge consumer of the feathery one (poultry) and seafood in general.

However, over the week-end, I indulged in a dish of pork steak along with some herb-roasted potatoes and asparagus. It was loaded with amazing flavors and spices. I reserved a portion for another day which happened to be this afternoon.

Instead of potatoes, I decided to serve steamed whole-grain rice along with garlic-flavored asparagus and broccoli. The balsamic vinegar provided a tendering effect to the pork. Moreover, it also aided in the rich brown hue to the dish. The serving of the crispy greens (asparagus/broccoli) gave my dish a fresh balance.

My palate and stomach were over the moon.


Supper was quite a succulent and delectable change. You see, once in a while, I get the craving for something other than poultry or seafood. And today,was one of those days. I went with the other white meat (well, that’s what they call pork). I fetched a sizable pork steak at the butcher and went to ‘town’ with it.

I was in the mood for a rustic affair. Thus, I got my sturdy skillet and immersed my marinated steak within. Overnight, I roughly sliced steak into smaller portions. I then seasoned with crushed garlic, salt and black pepper to taste. I also added grated ginger root, balsamic vinegar and splash of soy sauce.

After removing the remnants of garlic, pork pieces were seared on both sides. Roughly chopped onion segments were added along with finely chopped scotch bonnet pepper, fresh thyme, crushed pimento (all spice) and additional clove of garlic. Cold water was added to cover pork pieces with lid on. This was then simmered under low to medium heat; making sure to turn on the other side.

Additional water was also added so as to create a brown sauce. Pork simmered for approximately 30 minutes until fork tender. Chopped leeks were then added for a contrasting and refreshing flavor to the dish.


Still have a supply of tarragon in my herb collection.¬† I’ve been infusing this nutrient packed herb in my dishes for quite a few days. This slender and somewhat sweet herb¬† was excellent in my chicken dish and once again, it has performed a great job on my pork steak. With the aid of a few other ingredients like ginger, onions, salt, pepper,garlic, etc. I was able to pull off an amazing tarragon-spiced dish stove top.

In the culinary world, pork and apples are ideal partners. Thus, I decided to combine both by roasting a couple of red delicious apples cut in slices along with carrot wedges. With a drizzle of olive oil a sprinkle of cinnamon, pinch of salt and chopped tarragon, apples and carrots were roasted at 410 degrees for about 40 minutes. The result was a sweet and tart finish.


Tarragon-spiced pork, roasted apples,and carrots were served with a side of kale/parsley rice. The union was superb.