If it’s the week morning, I’ve got to go oatmeal. When it comes to my daily meal plan, I consume what works for me. When I shop for this whole-grain food, as always, I opt for the old-fashioned type as it has great bite at each spoonful.

One of the great upsides to oatmeal is that it is still relatively inexpensive. It is loaded with fibers and other nutritional properties. And, I love that I’ve control over the sugar content within.

As usual, cinnamon is a huge addition to my warm cereal as it lowers the glucose level in my body. Love to add  fresh berries or other fruits to oatmeal and sweeten with a little brown sugar or honey. And this morning was no exception, topped my staple cereal with some fresh and super-sweet black berries and a drizzle of honey.

I was very satiated and happy.