Sometimes, close to the end of the week, I realize I’ve not utilized all the wholesome perishables in my refrigerator. Part of the reason is that I’m tired and extremely busy. As you know, we pay big bucks for these supplies of fruits and vegetables. I’m not fortunate to have land space to plant my own veggies. Therefore, like many of us, I’ve to rely on those hardworking farmers at the farmer’s market or produce aisle at the neighborhood store.

I wanted a quick and delicious meal. I wasn’t in the mood to defrost and chop meat or poultry. Aha, that’s when I remembered that I had purchased a frozen bag of shrimp at my neighborhood Walmart. Walmart seems to be in every nook and cranny. But, I’m not complaining. Already, the shrimp was deveined, cleaned and ready for cooking. All that was necessary was to defrost. Then, I seasoned with salt, black pepper,crushed garlic and set aside.

I quickly went to work and visited the veggie tray of my refrigerator. I retrieved a piece of red bell pepper,carrots, celery, and perfectly green string beans.I smiled. I remembered those. They were slightly hidden under the carrots. I did a rapid julienne of these wholesome veggies along with onions and did a stir-fry in my hot skillet. Eh, I do believe I got that skillet from my dear sister. She’s always sending me kitchen gadgets. Hurray for Bev! Salt and pepper were added along with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. I made sure to leave a crunch to my veggies because I hate soggy veggies. I added a little cooked brown rice to the veggies with a teaspoon of teriyaki sauce. I continued to fold all ingredients for a few minutes and pushed aside.

I then drizzled a couple teaspoons of olive oil in my skillet. Then, shrimp was added along with teriyaki sauce. The shrimp took virtually two minutes per side. I continued the stir-fry by combining all the ingredients and removed from heat. The result was an amazing dish that was flavorful and delicious. I could detect and taste all the wonderful ingredients from the teriyaki sauce. There was ginger, brewed soy sauce and other ingredients.The shrimp was cooked to my liking without being rubbery. The veggies came out and retained their crunch.

Guys, I do believe that dish was a winner. As always, be good to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.


Sometimes, I can really be a creature of habits. Usually, on a Friday, I would venture out to nice eating establishment and mingle with the maddening crowd. I love the aromatic smells, the background music, the banging of silver wares as wait and kitchen staff busily execute their duties. I also like to people watch. A nice smile to the host can fetch a pretty comfortable and strategic spot. There, my loved ones and I can savor our meals and of course, people watch.

However, today I decided stay in and actually prepare yours truly a home-cooked meal.I miss that for Fridays. I guess I could easily order in from the Chinese around the corner or maybe, good old Papa Johns Pizza. I knew exactly what I was going to prep and

  • Curried chicken
  • Jasmine rice
  • Warm spinach/kale salad
  • Mango salsa

Going back to my roots was fairly easy. Curried chicken is a very popular dish in Jamaican kitchens. Over the years, I had cooked this dish repeatedly. I had a few mangoes on my hand, thus, I decided to make a side dish of mango salsa along with a warm spinach and kale salad. All this was served on a bed of flavorful Jasmine white rice. The colliding of exotic spices and flavors create a savory, tart, and sweet tastes.

Now, I do think it’s time to catch up on an episode of Black Box on ‘On Demand’. ImageI’m happy.