Felt like I was transported to a tropical paradise for lunch. My palate and I couldn’t wait to devour a sweet, tart and mouth-watering serving of mango salsa. My protein of choice was heart-healthy salmon.

This omega acid fish was seared on both sides in a drizzle of olive oil. Then a lime-butter sauce was spooned on. Chopped olives and capers were used for topping. Servings of steamed  Jasmine rice along  with garlic-flavored asparagus completed my tropical dish.


When the summer temperatures are sizzling on the outskirts, light, quick and easy is the way to go. And, that was what occurred earlier on. Had yours truly a much-needed omega fatty acid seafood (salmon) paired with sautéed assorted summer vegetables.

Made a lemon butter sauce to go with skinless salmon. I also added some sliced tomatoes alongside fish which expelled  their juices and mingled with the fresh lemon-butter sauce. Garnished  salmon with finely chopped parsley.

Sautéed vegetables comprised  of zucchini, onions, mini-sweet peppers and broccoli. Made a quick concoction of balsamic vinegar and honey and drizzled on crispy veggies. Also, doubled-back on some left-over whole-grain pasta and made it part of the dish.

Topped veggie and pasta dish with seared salmon. All dishes combined into a happy medium. I was over the moon and satiated.



Guys, it’s deja vu all over again. Once more, it seems like the whole world is under a cold spell. Yes, the Siberian Express, which is basically an extremely cold mass of air of the Arctic has affected approximately one hundred million people over most of the United States and elsewhere. Well, so say the meteorologists. Oh, those meteorologists are having a ‘field day’.

Anyway guys, I wasn’t going to allow this cold spell to have me chopping veggies for a soup or a stew. By the way, love them! Instead, I decided to think and usher in the warm days of summer. What did I do? Naturally, my thermostat took a leap, pretty close to the 80’s. I pretended it was summertime in my abode. As a matter a fact, I got adorned in my shorts and tee-shirt. After all, in my mind’s eye, it’s summertime.

As you can observe, I reached for my grill pan. I made yours truly a citrus (orange/lemon) grilled salmon. On the side, I made a hearty whole grain linguine pasta. In a hot skillet with a drizzle of olive oil, I sautéed half of an onion and crushed garlic on low to medium heat. I tossed in my drained pasta and further folded in some left-over spinach from the previous night. To that, I also tossed in some roasted grape tomatoes.

I served up yours truly a generous portion of the meal. As I sat and swirled my linguine with my fork and puckered up to the taste of the delicious grilled citrus salmon, I felt tremendously satisfied and happy.

Now, I can face those Arctic wind chills. I had to remind myself that the blue skies and brilliant sunshine didn’t mean warmth on the outskirts. Oh, I didn’t miss that soup!


It was well overdue. With the holidays behind us, finally, I can put the meats and spiral hams on a hiatus. Well, I still have some of that ham at the rear of the freezer. Good riddance!….shhh! I’ll do a revisit; but not now!

It’s the New Year (2015), and I’m  trying to find ways to gain some semblance of sanity with my dietary intakes, even for a day. So, with that said, I decided to go fishing and to pay a visit to the farm stand. And look what I found (well, after I doctored them up):-

  • A couple of pieces of skinless salmon
  • Assorted root veggies (carrot,sweet potatoes, zucchini)

I also added onion, broccoli, and tomato (not shown).

Seasoned Salmon for pan-searing and chopped Veggies for roasting
Seasoned Salmon for pan-searing and chopped Veggies for roasting

Based on studies, one of the great benefits of  (oily fish) salmon is that it’s excellent for heart health. Moreover, a serving kept me satiated for sometime. And, with the great partnering with my root veggies, I got a double whammy for my appetite.

Assorted veggies (sweet potatoes/zucchini/carrots) were sliced and placed on baking sheet with a drizzle of olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper and a dash of cinnamon. Then they were placed in a 400 degree oven for approximately 35 minutes (flipping once) until cooked.

Salmon pieces were dried with paper towel. In a hot skillet, olive oil was drizzled and  a quick pan-sear was done on low to medium heat. Fish was removed from pan and chopped onions, tomatoes, red bell pepper and broccoli were added for a quick stir-fry (some crispyiness was left).

A sauce made of [soy sauce(low sodium), honey, lemon juice,  vinegar, a salt/pepper], was blended and drizzled on veggies and half was reserved for fish. Veggies were put aside and fish returned to skillet. With a quick brush of sauce on fish, the dish was complete.

Entire dish of seared salmon/assorted roasted veggies
Entire dish of seared salmon/assorted roasted veggies

Pan-seared salmon was served with roasted root veggies along with additional stir-fried batch of veggies. The combination was divine.



The past Sunday for me was one of revisiting my roots. That meant my Jamaican culinary side of things. I did by indulging in a delicious stew peas – Jamaican style. And for those who are aware of this sumptuous meal, you know how calorie laden it is.But, who can resist?

When it comes to my diet, I believe in a fine balance. That’s the reason why I took the opportunity to redeem myself and went on the light side of things. Thus, for Monday supper, I prepared a quick and easy spread that consisted of:

1. Pan-seared salmon with capers/olives brushed with a ginger and soy sauce
2. Mashed sweet potatoes with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle of cinnamon
3. Garlic spinach
4. Avocado (nature’s butter)
5. Pickled cucumber

I completed my omega fatty acids meal by sipping on a refreshing yet light wine (Moscato)by Barefoot Wine. Moscato is an inexpensive sweet and crisp wine. It complemented my fish meal very well. By the way, this wine also pairs very well with a fruit and cheese plate.

My heart healthy meal warmed my heart and kept me satiated. I’m happy!


The recent California drought affected the rivers and streams in the vicinity. As a result, millions of juvenile salmon were endangered. These silvery smolts were unloaded in long plastic pipes then they made their way by floating in netted pens. Subsequently, after getting acclimated to the precious water they are then released  to the ocean by tides.

I reckon some of us might question this practice, but, moving these little guys by tanker trucks ensure the survival of millions. These will further develop and grow into California King Salmon. And then find their way to our tables…..hurrah!Like everything else in life, nothing is fool-proof. The thing is in three years, the migratory ones won’t be able to find their way back to their home because there is no scent to lead them. And, that’s rather sad. Now, where do they stray to?

Maybe, down the line, they will be able to create that special scent to lead them to their ‘door’. Eh, that’s something for us to ponder don’t you think?Our omega fatty-acids sources are gradually dwindling. I’m a wee bit sad.