Decided to place my staple breakfast dish (oatmeal) on a hiatus and went with eggs. These were done in an omelet form. For the filling, I went a tad out of the box and reached for salsa in a jar. Shh!!……never bought the chips. It was deliberate Love me some salsa in my omelet.

Served my oozing omelet on a bed of leftover Jamaican spinach (callaloo). And topped with nature’s butter (avocado) and fresh sliced tomatoes. For a contrasting taste, I couldn’t help myself. Toasted up an English muffin and added a sweet spread of strawberry jam.


My salsa omelet was ‘kicking’  along with a sweet and crispy taste of English muffin. All was well.





When it comes to tomatoes and other foods, my palate is quite ‘fluid’ with the many dishes that can be had. And, now that the temperatures are already sizzling on the outskirts, there is a strong presence of tomatoes in the market places.

Call them what you may, fruits or vegetables, I don’t care. The fact is that these cancer-fighting foods are sweet and juicy to the taste-buds. Moreover, the prices are relatively inexpensive. I can’t help but to feel elated when I see these beneficial and attractive foods (especially when they are hanging from the vines).

I adore them in any form. Love them in a fresh garden salad. With a pop in the mouth I can devour and enjoy the tart and sweet taste as it hits my taste-buds. Give me a delicious and smooth tomato soup with crusty bread, and my stomach will leap with joy.

I even adore tomatoes in a jar mixed with other veggies. I do think it’s called same ‘salsa’. I got a little creative and made a filling and tasty omelet. Of course, my filling of choice was the gushing flow of salsa. Placed same on a bed of left-over spinach and topped with nature’s butter (avocado) and fresh tomatoes.


Without a doubt, when it comes to tomatoes,20160602_083155 I don’t discriminate. I’ll have them almost anyway.




One of the beauties of spring is that it brings us the blossoming trees. And one of them is the mango tree. It seems like yesterday I observed this specimen laden with breath-taking blossoms frolicking in the breezes. Now, these blossoms have given way to  firm, green immature fruits hanging from the branches.

Just beholding them takes me back to my roots as a girl running wild and barefoot on the outskirts in my domain, Jamaica. Our family had a couple of mango trees in our back yard. We called them ‘blackie’ and ‘hairy’ mangoes. These mangoes were very sweet and juicy to the taste buds. My dear mom was a great lover of mangoes. She could consume a considerable amount at any sitting. The bruised and the firm ones were devoured equally.

Early in the morning, we would be awakened by the weakened stems of these delicious fruits. You see, a few of the branches hanged over our roof. Subsequently, when they fell they would produce a raucous on the roof. Me and my siblings had a ball. We would scamper to fetch them before the birds had their way with them.

Oddly, I’m not a big lover of mangoes in their natural form unless they are reconstituted with other ingredients. For instance, I love a refreshing fruit drink with an a hint of mango. Or, I love to incorporate mangoes and make a spicy salsa. With the addition of jalapeno, bell peppers,tomatoes, cilantro and of course avocado, I know I’ll be taken over the moon.

So guys, feast your eyes on these beautiful specimens, in a few months, I’ll be having my way with them. Hmmm, without a doubt, I’ll be brought back to my island home. Yeah mon!


A few days ago, I visited a good friend of mine. When I ventured on the rear of the yard, to my delight I was greeted with a tree laden with these tropical fruits. These mangoes brought back childhood memories that made my heart warm a bit. You see, my dear mom was a great lover of these delights.She could sit and devour several of these sweet, juicy and refreshing fruits.

Of course, being from the tropics mango trees were and are still very popular. As a child, I can remember hopping across my neighbor’s picket fence in order to secure that flavorful and colorful specimen. Oh, I had to watch out for those four-footed friends Imagemany a times.

I’ve a few ideas. These juicy and sweet mangoes will be transformed into a cool and refreshing drink. I’ll incorporate ginger, fresh lemon and orange juice. I’ll definately reserve a portion for a great mango salsa. This salsa will certainly aid in my spicy jerk wings. Yum, yum!