Sweet and crispy treat.


I knew it all along that nature plays a huge part in my diet. You see, just the mere sight of a flock of birds heading south and the presence of dark gray puffy clouds, sent my palate on overdrive.

So, I went for my trek around my neighborhood to keep my dear mind and body in physical and mental shape for the day. As the beads of sweat made their way down my brow, (yes, today, humidity is high and temperatures are heading to the eighties), my mind was on the culinary side of things.

Without a doubt, precipitation was on the way. As soon as I returned to my small kitchenette, I knew what I had to do. So, gathered the following for some comforting carrot and sweet potato waffles. A wee bit out of ‘whack’, but, I thought the combination would be awesome. And, bingo! I was right.



  • Carrot (1 medium size)
  • Sweet potato (1 small)
  • whole-wheat flour (3/4 cup)
  • All purpose flour (1/3 cup)
  • Sour cream (1table spoon)
  • Cinnamon (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Vanilla (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Milk (1/2 cup)
  • Salt (pinch)
  • Dark sugar (1/4 cup)
  • Canola oil (1 tablespoon)


  1. Sweet potato was cooked in microwaved for approximately 3 minutes. Every microwave is different. Then potato was mashed and set aside to cool.
  2. Box grater was used to shred carrot and set aside
  3. Wet ingredients were combined and dried ingredients were added.
  4. Then, carrots and smashed potato were added to batter.
  5. Pam spray was added to waffle iron before batter was placed on iron.
  6. Each waffle iron is different. After light went off on mine in about 5 minutes, waffle batch was cooked; crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside.

As I watched the trees meandered to the blustery breeze on the outskirts, I cut into my delicious and warm waffles. I served these with fresh strawberries and a squeeze of light pancake syrup. Guys, I was in heaven!


Guys, it’s a brand new day and year within our midst. Many of us have plans and resolutions for this year. Of course, one of the popular ones is keeping fit and healthy. I’ve tried to incorporate same in my life-style the past year. It is difficult; however, I try to do it one day at time without depriving myself of any food group. I do believe in a fine balance.

Therefore, for 2015, I intend to continue on that path. There is always room for improvement; like including more fruits and veggies in the diet. So, on this day, the first of January, 2015, I’ve made yours truly some wholesome waffles. I used less of processed flour and incorporated sweet potato and apple and a little whole wheat flour.

Main ingredients for sweet potato/apple waffles
Main ingredients for sweet potato/apple waffles

So, with a little marrying of the dry (flour, sugar, baking soda,pinch of salt,cinnamon), and wet ingredients, I ended up with the following batter. By the way, I made sure to do a quick four-minute bake of my sweet potato in the microwave. I also shredded my apple and 1/4 tsp. ginger on a box grater. After crushing and cooling potato with a fork, I added both apples/ginger,potato to wet ingredients (milk, sour cream, vanilla,melted butter).

Batter ready for waffle iron
Batter ready for waffle iron

I made sure to spray my waffle iron with a little Pam so as to prevent sticking. My batter yielded six waffles. (I couldn’t resist taste-testing one). Anyway, guys, I served my sweet potato waffles with a few bites of left-over ham along with fresh grapes, strawberries, orange slices.

Completed sweet potato/apple waffles/ham along with fresh fruits
Completed sweet potato/apple waffles with garnish of fresh mint/bites of ham along with fresh fruits

Guys, that’s  what for brunch. As always, be kind to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.



For a quick, healthy and easy lunch, I transformed canned salmon and sweet potato into a crispy on the outside and smooth on the inside dish. With a squeeze of lemon (oh, seafood craves acid) and a serving of nature’s butter (avocado) I ate my way to a delicious finish. Sometimes, all you need is simple and inexpensive ingredients for a spectacular dish.



Now that it’s officially summer, we all will be consuming potato salad at our barbeques and cookouts. Traditionally, these salads are made up of the starchy based Irish potatoes and other ingredients. This tasty and delicious dish can pack on the calories as well as raise the glucose level within the body. And, if one is watching the blood sugar numbers that could be problematic.

Thank God, there’s is a substitute. Just the other day, I was turned on or I should say re-introduce to this ‘kiss-ass’ sweet potato salad recipe. I must have tried a few times in the past; however, my good friend, Suzette whet my appetite with her version. In fact, when when gave a sample to a pregnant co-worker, the baby kicked. True story. The baby never ever kicked/moved; however, when expected mom ate my friend’s sweet potato salad, the baby jumped for joy. And, so did I.

In general, I love sweet potato. I love it baked, mashed and fried. So, it was a pleasure to revisit this healthy way of making potato salad. Thus, today, I substituted my Irish for the sweet orange version. It was simple and oh, so delish!


  • Sweet potatoes (2 medium)
  • Egg (1 large)
  • Sweet corn (1/2 can)
  • Green onion (1 stalk)
  • Onion (1 diced tsp)
  • Celery (1 stalk)
  • Bell pepper
  • Salt/pepper
  • Mayonnaise (2 big tbps)

Diced sweet potatoes and egg are placed in tap water with salt and brought to a boil. After potatoes become fork tender these are drained and placed in a bowl. Cook egg until its hard boiled. Then cool down under tap water and remove shell. Chop egg to desired sizes and add to potatoes. Finely dice celery, onions and other veggies. Drain corn and add. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and add mayonnaise. Gently fold all ingredients until properly combined. Sprinkle finished dish with a little paprika and garnish with parsley.Image