There’s no denying, summer temperatures are already present. And when the reading on the thermostat takes a nose-dive I know that it’s time to adjust my culinary habits. During this period, I seek dishes that are light, easy and tasty. I don’t wish to be laboring endlessly in front of a stove. Gone are the heavy stews and soups and in comes the quick and easy meals.

So, the previous day when beads of sweat were making their way down my forehead, I fetched a sizable piece of watermelon at the store. Although I wasn’t happy with the price, I brought it home anyway. Just beholding this summer goodness, brought back childhood memories in Jamaica.The watermelon truck used to enter our neighborhood with several melons that were huge, sweet, juicy and super-red. And the prices were a ‘steal’. I can still picture the sweet and sticky juices running down me and my siblings’ arms.

It was lunch time and I didn’t have the craving for sandwich, soup or anything else. At the corner of my eye I spotted some vine-ripe tomatoes I had bought a few days before. Immediately I decided to make me a salad. A salad without the typical lettuce and cucumber. Thus, I came up with a sweet and savory one, watermelon salad.

I reached for tomatoes, strawberries, parsley and of course, watermelon. I sliced all these beautiful fruits and tore fresh herb (parsley) in the mix. The juices flowed with glee all over the platter. I seasoned with a pinch of sea salt and black pepper. Though a citrus/olive oil dressing would be okay; I opted to use none. To me, there was no need for a salad dressing. At that juncture, I tossed in crumbled feta cheese I had on hand.

Guys, the contrasting sweet, sour, tart, salty flavors were absolutely divine and simultaneously refreshing. My taste buds were very satisfied. I know I’ll make a revisit very soon.


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Who can resist? When the temperatures and the humidity are on the upswing on the outskirts, one great way to relieve me and my loved ones’ thirst is to indulge on sweet and mouthwatering melons.To me,they are two of the most cooling fruits of summer.

As you know, we first eat with our eyes; therefore, I used my handy dandy scoop and extracted the juicy fruits. Then I garnished my cantaloupe and water melon with a chiffonade of mint. This addition provided a refreshing finish to my fruit cups.

As always, be kind to your loved ones as well as your beautiful palates.Happy summer!